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MoneyGram International money transfer

 MoneyGram - International money transfer



Reliable transfer of money
When it comes to sending money worldwide, we understand that you have a choice of companies. So we try to assure you that sending a Moneygram is safe and beneficial. Choosing Moneygram you can feel secure knowing that they use the same reliable services that they believe families worldwide.

Welcome to the benefit
With MoneyGram, you and your loved ones will never have to deviate from your path. Over 200,000 agents located throughout the world are yours entirely available.
Enjoy the ability to afford more
We know how hard to earn your money. Because it prvoziite us low, and your money can reach even further.

Choice of delivery
Taking into account the needs of everyone are not completely identical, MoneyGram offers you a choice of services. And we will continue giving you any new offers that make life simpler.

Select the speed
Allow us to bring peace to your stormy day with one of the fastest ways of sending money.
The money arrived after 10 minutes of completing the transaction.


1.    Use this form to send to tell us where the money should go.

2.    Take the completed form and money in the nearest branch office of TTK Bank. Employees will give you a reference number and confirmation.

3.    Tell your recipient how much to expect and give him the reference number which will need to raise money.




1.     The sender will tell you how much money you receive will give you the reference number.

2.     Use the form for admission along with your ID card to carry the agent of MoneyGram.

3.     The agent of MoneyGram will enter your data into the system and verify that the money is available before you pay.

Documents Required
For sending money (up to 2,500 EUR per month)
- Application
- ID
- Assign a reference number
To receive money (up to EUR 5,000 per day)
- Reference
- ID



Payment of foreign currency for quick transfer of money abroad via MoneyGram be charged at the rate of the Bank pursuant to a contract with MoneyGram.


  •         0-300 EUR              15 EUR
  •     300-450 EUR              20 EUR
  •     450-600 EUR              30 EUR
  •     600-750 EUR              40 EUR
  •     750-900 EUR              45 EUR
  •   900-1300 EUR              60 EUR
  • 1300-1900 EUR              90 EUR
  • 1900-2500 EUR            115 EUR

Commissions in the countries of destination

From USA to Macedonia



0,01 - 100,00 $

12,00 $

100,01 - 200,00 $

17,00 $

200,01 - 300,00 $

24,00 $

300,01 - 400,00 $

28,00 $

From Germany to Macedonia

0,01 - 100,00 €

8,00 €

100,01 - 250,00 €

12,00 €

250,01 - 500,00 €

16,00 €

500,01 - 750,00

18,00 €

From Switzerland to Macedonia

0,01 - 100,00 CHF

12,00 CHF

100,01 - 200,00 CHF

17,00 CHF

150,01 - 300,00 CHF

24,00 CHF

300,01 - 400,00 CHF

28,00 CHF

300,01 - 400,00 CHF

28,00 CHF


Contact Person:

Bojan Shterjovski 

Head of Retail Unit

Branch network Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 480

E-mail. bojan.sterjovski@ttk.com.mk



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